Friday, March 13, 2009

Goddess Durga, Scroll of the Dragon Warrior and CSS 2.1

While I am writing the story its 6:37 am in the morning and I just woke up after a unique dream of mine, all dreams are unique & priceless to me, as usual.
The summery of the dream was – I found after a long journey to a village like place, I found Goddess Durga was giving me the Scroll of the Dragon Warriors, after seeing it I just find all the knowledge on CSS, ever gathered by human being, everything just became aligned properly, now I can interact with the environment, colorize them and align them, even control there shadows, wow.
Soon after while I woke up, it was the bird chirpings that I heard, cuckoo, crow, pigeon, florican, finch and many others, it’s the set of sounds I always like to hear in the morning, from my childhood. Now it is only available in some places like my home, not in my urban residence. Often Barsha, my wife starts talking in the morning but soon discovers I am not giving any reply – why she asks, it is the sounds I reply, in the morning I don’t like to talk until I became saturated with natural sounds, inner peace…
Then soon after I have decided to write this story, hence opened the window, Right then the sounds of police parade from nearest headquarters entered my ears, LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT, LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT – the entire experience was turning bitter as some one is poisoning my ears, soon I turned my mind, started writing, and turned on my love – my shortwave radio.
For the logical weird: Last night my mother was watching some TV Serials regarding Goddesses, I have recapped yesterday Kungfu Panda, and obviously I was working on my web development projects.
But yesterday’s best experience was having a dozens of hot white rice pie (sada pitha) with red sweet syrup made from dates (khejuri goorer rash) in the evening.

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