Friday, May 1, 2009

Green Power :: Cheap political points and misleading scare tactics

Dear Partha Sarathi,

Cheap political points and misleading scare tactics. You'd be surprised what
defenders of the status quo would do to derail progress toward a clean
energy jobs plan.

One member of Congress went so low as to say that closing the carbon
pollution loophole "is the greatest assault on democracy and freedom that
I've ever seen in Congress." He said he feared it more than wars. More than
terrorist attacks.

We can't let these desperate scare tactics stop the creation of millions of
clean energy jobs and close the window of opportunity to solve the climate
crisis that we have right now.

We have organizers across the country working hard to support clean energy
jobs and solutions to the climate crisis. Your support will help them reach
thousands of people.

Will you support their efforts with a $25 donation today?

Vice President Al Gore testified with Senator John Warner (R-VA), co-author
of the Lieberman-Warner bill considered by the Senate in 2008, on the
Bipartisan Leaders' Panel for the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

Gore spoke of the economic and environmental damage that would be caused by
delaying action, saying "Each day that we continue with the status quo sees
more of our fellow Americans struggling to provide for their families. Each
day we continue on our current path, America loses more of its competitive
edge. And each day we wait, we increase the risk that we will leave our
children and grandchildren an irreparably damaged planet."

There is no doubt that the economic, environmental and security challenges
we face demand sweeping, comprehensive legislation. But overcoming the
opposition's scare tactics to pass a historic clean energy jobs plan will
require your help.

Please stand with me, Vice President Al Gore and millions of other Americans
in saying that we won't be defeated by the same old divisive tactics. Please
donate $25 to support our grassroots effort at this crucial time.

Thanks for all you do,

Steve Bouchard
Campaign Manager

P.S. Click here to watch Vice President Gore's testimony.
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